Friday, July 31, 2009


This month ends on a happy note. While DD was working out of town, she found the Shrink  Film for me. YAY!! Now I can replace my table tops and paladian windows.
My saw table has been repaired too.
I didn't do a lot of minis this week. The heat and humidity zapped my motivation.
I tried working on a knitted mini gown, but after the 6th time of ripping out and starting over, I gave up, and started a simpler project.
I did some sorting and weeding. I do this whenever weather, health, and mini mind are too out of wack for creativity. I made a lunch bag or two of trash. Stuff that WILL go to the dump. Progress !
I have a few more large bins of supplies and "stuff" that are still in the loft. I need to make room for them SOME WHERE.
I also "contemplated" the Church and Gazebo.
I laid out the front and rear walls, figured out the finishing process, and planned out the door, and more windows.
I also laid out the assembly line for finishing the roses. I only? have 50 more to do.
We've renamed the Church "WE ARE THE WORLD." Miniature Church of Acceptance.
An "earth person" came to sit with me this week. I was so excited to show her my mini houses. She didn't get it. I was disappointed. 
I've been in this area AKA (bedroom communities) for 1/2 my life. In 29 years here, I've only met one person who did any type of arts, crafts or needlework. Isn't that strange?
The neigbors think I'm "off."  When I go for my walks, I get the looks and q's "how ARE you" as if I'm about to explode or croak. I always wondered why they talk to me this way, until one day I met a realtor looking around the neighborhood. She said "You're the one who does the little houses. I heard all about you."
Ah well. Crazy, don't fit in, topic of gossip, but I'm still having fun.

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