Monday, July 13, 2009


The past week has brought ups downs and all arounds.
My battery operated dremel bit the dust. :-(  It was only used a couple of times. Of course I've had it for years, so can't return it. A nice idea (battery operated) so much easier to use. It has less power than the electric, but the power was fine for mini wood. The hold switch for the collet changes is made out of cheap plastic. Just not strong enough. #$$#@.
I carpeted another room in the T.H.
I tried the skulpy 3 for the counter tops. One square was not enough. I can't find any more. Besides, I'd have to buy 3 more multi packs to have enough. Too pricey.I printed out a formica look pattern onto "cold press" art paper. I'm going to treat it, glue it onto basswood, then cover it with a textured sheet protector. That will be my counter tops.
I wasn't at all happy with the diswasher kit. After lots of sanding and several coats of testors paint, it still looked woody. I took a paint color chart, peeled off a paint sample, and glued that to the dishwasher front. It looks MUCH better.I'm re-painting all of the cabinet knobs a chrome color. I didn't like the brass in that kitchen. The more work I do, the more work I think to do.
I "finished" and "re-finished" my swap item. It's ready for shipping. The re-worked pattern is safely put away, in the book, NOT in one of my safe places. LOL!!!
DD gifted me with another screen house for my camp ground.

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