Saturday, July 4, 2009


I had no luck with the tiles. The patterns and textures are too big for miniatures. I'm thinking of experimenting with concrete. Then I'll try fimo, then wood. I'll probably end up using wood. I wish I was a better painter.
I started on my latest punch rug. Yes I found the threaders. They were where they belong. DUH! I can never find things when I put them where they belong.
I did the first glue joint on the pattern I'm trying to re-work. SUCCESS :-) sort of. I have to do it over, because of the saw jiggle. One leg is shorter than the rest.
DH has started building the garage shell for the Ranch House. We're thinking of using that 15/32" ply wood for the roofs. The 3/8" has gotten so expensive, and takes so long to get from the supplier.
I had a "mini" score on my trip to the Antique Shops. I found a pair of ladies, elbow length, dark brown, kid leather gloves. They're only about a size 5, but I can still get more than a dozen bags, or pairs of shoes out of them. DH negotiated the price and got them for $8. I walked away from them because of the $10 price tag. I wouldn't have spent more then $6.

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