Wednesday, March 31, 2010


FINALLY finished.
This was made from an HOM kit. It has 118 pieces. It took several weeks to complete.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The first mini house I built was a replica of a home in Scituate Ma, that I had rebuilt in real life.
These are picutres of the exterior and the building process of the miniature.

Monday, March 22, 2010


March has been a been a busy month in my mini kingdom.
9 inches of rain, and all the problems that ensued from that, give new meaning to the phrase "rained on my parade."
Respiratory and dental flare-ups sent me to the hospital again, for more high dose nebulizer, theophylline, and steroid treatments.
Whats worse than a Klutzy Miniaturist? A Klutzy Miniaturist on steroids! :-O
Prompted by roid rage, I'm sure, yesterday I wrote 3 scathing letters to WEBSHOTS. I am SO fed up with their advertising, popups, and LOUD sales pitches. I've been trying to move my pictures to Picassa. Even though I was a PAYING WEBSHOTS customer for several years, since I am no longer a paying customer, I can only save my pictures to my computer, one at a time, which requires 3 clicks each. I have 600 pictures left there. 600 x 3 > well you get the picture (or not).
I HAVE moved some of the pictures. The REPLICA EXTERIOR SHOTS are now on Picassa.
I am amazed with myself when I see those pictures. It was my FIRST HOUSE. I am so proud of what I accomplished there. After renovations and tweaking, when I "started" to learn a few things, it turned out quite beautiful.
Seeing the interior shots, I was reminded all that needed to be renovated or re-done. I am no longer sad at having parted with the HUGE mini house.


The interior wall unit is giving me fits. I've assembled it three times and it keeps falling apart. My goof. The firebox walls don't line up "exactly" so I'm not getting a good bond. I'm scraping cement, test fitting, scraping some more, test fitting. Growling, swearing. Maybe I need to cry, so the mini gods will have pity on me?


Work continues on moving everything to the first floor and getting it all organized. This process goes very slowly. Since most of my things are now in easy reach, on the main level, playing is more important than organizing. :-)
I did start an inventory of my kits and supplies. OMG! I may never go mini shopping again.
I have 26 doll kits, 70 furniture kits, 41 accessory kits, and 22 plant + flower kits.
This is what happens when you are into minis for 20 years, and Real Life keeps getting in the way of actually "doing" minis. 
Planning to do, hoping to do, and able to do, do not always balance out.
I better get busy :-)



This site is incredible. A must see for creators of Realistic Homes In Miniature.
There are tutes and tips for dozens of furnishings and appliances. All that you need to make you mini home run smoothly and comfortably.
If you need use your translotor. The site is in French. Enjoy

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The railing is connected. The wiring is planned. I have to build a faux foundation since this building is solid.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


March is always difficult for me (emotionally) so this year I tried to keep spring in mind, with a couple of small projects.
To lighten the mood stemming from a cold wet dreary winter, I decided to rush spring and do the Bunny Thumper Dance. These FUZZY BUNNIES are made of 3mm to 1/4" pom poms and bits
of felt and flocking.
Next month we will welcome RS Peace Lilies. These will do for now.
A couple of months will bring these in RS
We can always get what we want when we cut it down to size. :-)
I didn't have company this year, so I just did a small display of some of my favorite, or Easter related minis.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


(You may have already seen this, as I've taken it from my old blog)
I need to make about 200 of these roses for my Gazebo. These are outdoor roses using a 1/4" hole punch. For regular roses, I like to use the smaller heart punch or a 3/16" hole punch.
These are drying, and still need a bit of shaping and the calyx.
The thingie holding the spools is a dense foam. I designed this get up, to also be able to hold my pins and other floral tools.
To shape the petals I use the fun foam. I got this heart shaped one at a 50c sale at Michaels.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I updated my journal with lots of pictures of what I have been up to for the past few months.
See February 2010

While you're there be sure to check out the DIY MINI LINKS I removed a lot of dead links.
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I added some more photos to the Photo Site