Monday, March 22, 2010


March has been a been a busy month in my mini kingdom.
9 inches of rain, and all the problems that ensued from that, give new meaning to the phrase "rained on my parade."
Respiratory and dental flare-ups sent me to the hospital again, for more high dose nebulizer, theophylline, and steroid treatments.
Whats worse than a Klutzy Miniaturist? A Klutzy Miniaturist on steroids! :-O
Prompted by roid rage, I'm sure, yesterday I wrote 3 scathing letters to WEBSHOTS. I am SO fed up with their advertising, popups, and LOUD sales pitches. I've been trying to move my pictures to Picassa. Even though I was a PAYING WEBSHOTS customer for several years, since I am no longer a paying customer, I can only save my pictures to my computer, one at a time, which requires 3 clicks each. I have 600 pictures left there. 600 x 3 > well you get the picture (or not).
I HAVE moved some of the pictures. The REPLICA EXTERIOR SHOTS are now on Picassa.
I am amazed with myself when I see those pictures. It was my FIRST HOUSE. I am so proud of what I accomplished there. After renovations and tweaking, when I "started" to learn a few things, it turned out quite beautiful.
Seeing the interior shots, I was reminded all that needed to be renovated or re-done. I am no longer sad at having parted with the HUGE mini house.

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