Friday, May 8, 2009


Minis were on the back burner while I was busy with my daughter's wedding, and recovering from a medical flare-up.
It's hard to get back into the mini-groove.
My hands are so shaky from medication. I get very frustrated.

Mini groups these days are all about aging and weathering. I get bored. I'm aged and weathered enough. I want to surround myself with NEW and PRETTY and WRINKLE FREE.

I started a couple of small projects this week.
One is a wedding in a wine glass. The featured items were gifts from a friend. Working on it reminded me of my celebration boxes.

I recently had a request to make a recovery box. I haven't made one of these in about 7 years. I gave up taking orders  for the celebration and recovery boxes. The commissions were too stressful and time consuming for me. But > Such a good cause.
The young women, whose lives have been saved through their fellowship, are so inspirational.

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