Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been working on wall rooms the past couple of days. I painted some of the wall dividers, made 5 more faux windows and printed out window views for them, repaired another window, and hung the curtains on all of them.
I repaired a desk (replica of a life-size one of mine). I made the mini desk about 17 years ago. I cringe at the crude workmanship now, but it still "looks" okay. ;-)
I also repaired a card table I made, that has been forever collapsing. I drilled holes into the bottom of the table top, and set the legs in. This worked out well. Wish I had thought of this before any of the last dozen times I tried to fix the thing.

I have a tray of perfumes and cosmetics that I got in a swap. The glue had failed, so I fixed that. I had tried to repair this before, and that also failed, so I cut a silver disc and glued it into the tray, and then glued the cosmetic bottles onto the disc. TA DA! SOLID.

I repaired the swap I made, so I'm also ready for the next round of swapping. :-)

Mini maintenance is a lot more fun than life-size. ;-)

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