Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm in my own way these days.
This week I made a nice little item for a swap, but it broke. :-(

I spent most of today searching for a pattern for a punch rug. I finally decided on a pattern, but then I couldn't find the supplies I need. It was an all day affair that grew more an more frustrating.It all finally came together, and I am merrily punching away.

Minis are my life-line. When I'm down and out, I knit, punch, paint woodwork, shingle, or make bunka rugs. These projects are so relaxing and mesmerizing, and take little physical energy. My problem is getting the projects ready when I have so little energy and shake so much.
I "should" always have something "ready" to go for times like this. But mini addict that I am, when ever I do get something ready, I start it right away and keep at it until it's finished or I grow tired of it.

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