Thursday, January 17, 2013


It's been another never ending saga in the pursuit of finishing anything in miniature. I installed all of my hanging fixtures, and grabbed my husband to help me unearth this VERY large, VERY heavy building, so that I could connect all my wiring under it. I proceeded to add the spot lights. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, the "spot lights" were nothing but bulbs. The store sent me the wrong items. (last October) Too late to do anything about it now. YES! I SHOULD have checked the order better. OK > So I finished with the fixtures I do have. I tried some battery operated lights that I have on hand, but they're not bright enough. The spot lights will have to wait until later. Then the building will then need to be turned over again. :-(

When I come up against bad products, or incorrect orders, I usually walk away and lose my mojo for months or years on end. But I pushed myself to proceed.
I mixed my homemade stain (safe for breathing) and set out to finish the pews I purchased a dozen years ago. OMG! There is so much glue on these pews, staining has made them look HORRIFIC. It will take weeks of scraping and sanding to get them any where near half decent. It would have saved a lot of time if I made them myself.
Now I need to step back for a while. Just for a few days. I'm still determined!


Jackie said...

This is going to be so lovely when you're finished, and all your hard work will be worth it. :) I love the gazebo!!

Many mini hugs,

The grandmommy said...

From what I can see...your building is going to be really lovely. As a matter of fact that stained glass is so pretty already!