Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I THOUGHT I was doing a good job keeping an eye on the oatmeal in the microwave. Having success for the first minute and a half, I pushed the additional 30 second button. Turned my back for seconds, and the bleeping oatmeal exploded. Luckily I have a clean microwave (since this happens frequently), so I scraped the oatmeal into another bowl. Added my milk and sugar and proceeded to eat. The BLEEPING MILK was sour.
Take 2 > I try toast and PB and butter. Popped in the toast, scraped the last of the butter out of the tin, and went off to dump the sour oatmeal. I hear a bang. The dog reached up on the counter and stole my BLEEPING butter. OK, I still have the PB. OOPS! forgot it's the natural stuff that I have to soften. Of course I have to use the real oven because the microwave needs to be cleaned. By the time the PB is soft enough to spread, the toast is cold and hard.
Dare I attempt minis today? I'll see how the clean up goes, then decide.

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