Friday, July 20, 2012


I made windows and views for the WALL FAMILY ROOM and re-made the door.
I apply these with tack it over. The tack it over was low, so I tipped it over and prepared to wait for the flow. Almost immediately I hear a pop! The tack it over had all plopped out of the bottle onto the back of one of my new window views. Hopefully I saved the picture, but won't know until it dries. :-O
Earlier this week I made the base for the Thornhill balconies. Got it all finished and (GRRR) the decking slats were crooked, so I had to do them over.
And then today I threw the memory stick into my computer without the adapter. I was able to dig it out with my best mini tweezers. It's very tight now, but still works.
WHEW! Maybe I should go back to bed.

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Iris March said...

Oh, I love your window and door views--how clever to "glue" them to the windows. I hope you didn't ruin the last picture.

I now I have days when I wonder why I got up! Fortunately, in the end, all works out.