Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The temps are inching toward 100 degrees. That means staying inside with limited activity. AKA "mini time" YAY! I figured I'd better drag out some needlework in case this lasts more than a couple of days. 
I washed softened and blocked. (I'm really bad at finishing things, so this is a big accomplishment)
The baby blanket was going to be a gift for my friend Joanne. I'll trim it in lace, and use it on one of her dolls.
The shawl I found inside a Nutshell News, finished but not fringed. WHY I put it in the book, I will never remember. Another one of those "what was I thinking?"
The punch rug is coming along nicely, I think. The colors look very bright, but since I'm using cotton floss, it will fade.
Stay cool people, or warm my friends down under.
Happy Days

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