Thursday, June 21, 2012

FINISHED (sort of)

The landscaping is finished for now. The rose topiary and Mum plant were made by Barbara. The welcome sign and paving stones were made by Nancy. The large topiary were started in a Make It Mini class. I made the azaleas, one from a kit and one I made from scratch more in keeping with those we have in Southern New England. The rose bushes, baby carriage and bench were purchased.

I've repaired the lighting and it all works. HOORAY! 
During my many moves my exterior fixtures broke more than once. The wiring for them was routed into the house. What a mess. I had to dig it all out and run the new wiring on the outside. The vines running up the stairs (made from thread and spices) are hiding the ends of those wires which I painted green. The rest of the wires are grooved into the underside of the land. 
I've done the same on the back, SO > "IF" I ever have to move again, I can remove the panels with the exterior lighting and pack them safely. I wish I thought of this 4 moves ago. LOL!


ANDA said...

Very nice, tidy garden!

Rosethé said...

l'ajout de végétation embellit l'entrée de la maison. Le petit landau est mignon.