Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The self adhesive wasn't working today (for some strange reason) so I had to use super glue gel.
If you use an old pie pan, you could always cover the tops with tin foil. It will mold nicely on the fimo discs.
If you have the mirror material and you don't want to use colored discs, and don't like the silver polish or paint (I personally think they are not a good match), you could use silver foil on the discs.
If you have tons of old fimo, you could make enough discs to make the can solid. With the measurements I gave you, one of the discs would need to be thinner.
I'm not putting handles on these as they will sit piled on a shelf in the Mini Mart.
To attach wire you can glue an ear ring back on each side (or a smaller finding) and glue your wire into it.
I experimented to come up with these because the ones made out of paper with the sliced tops and bottoms just looked like ill fitting paper to me.

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