Tuesday, November 8, 2011


circle template
9/16" fimo cutter
pasta machine
fimo or skulpy the color of the paint
self adhesive mirror roll (you may use a disposable pie pan or other tin or metal product, and suitable glue, if you don't have the mirror roll)
label for your paint can
roll clay on setting "1
cut four 9/16" circles from the rolled clay
stack the circles in 2's
take your circle template and place the 15/32" hole on top (centered) of the circle. press down lightly to give the impression of a can top.
Bake your circles.
Cut a piece from the mirror roll, 2 and1/8" by 13/16"
Gloss only the tops of your clay circles. Let dry.
Glue the mirror or metal to your fimo circles, line up top and bottom evenly. the middle of the can will be hollow.

Create a paint can label in your computer, or find one on-line, or scan and reduce a real one. This should be a bit shorter than your can, so that the metal shows a bit on the top and bottom.
If you need more pictures of clearer instructions give me a holler.
The picture shows my first attempt. I used chrome nail polish on these fimo discs, and decided I would like to use the colored discs instead. Our paint store now carries paint with colored tops.


Rosamargarita said...

Thank You Karolyn it is a really good idea, and the results... awesome
A hug

Karolyn said...

Thank you Rosa. Starting my day with a hug back at you {Karolyn }

Minimami said...

What a wonderful idea, thank for sharing! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words!

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Great idea!! can you post a pic close up of just the paint can finished?

Karolyn said...

Thanx Chris,
I'm working on one with the colored fimo discs. I'll post a pic ina day or two.

Kikka N said...

Thank you for sharing; great idea!!

Kathi said...

I've been wanting make some paint cans for Grandpa's garage. This is a great idea. Where did you find the labels? They look so real! :D

Lady Jane said...

Great paint cans Karolyn! I agree those labels look really real. I like how you would put the handles on. I will try this. Cheers. LJ

Karolyn said...

The labels were in an old Dollhouse Miniatures (August 2001)
Ask you friends if they have the issue, then you can photo copy or scan.
I did scan them, but I can't post them on a public board due to copy write limitations.