Thursday, February 7, 2013


This house will probably take much longer than my typical 12 years. All the doors and windows come in a million parts that have to be assembled. Then of course is all the sanding and several coats of paint.
I was not happy with the doors that came in the kit, so I purchased new ones (already assembled), and I  added a porthole window. I also changed up the floor plans a bit by adding a 1/2 bath on the first floor, and a full bath on the third floor. 
I drilled a hole in the ceiling under the tower, to enable more light to come in.
Readying for shingles


Lady Jane said...

This is going to be some house!!! Will enjoy the trip with you along the way.

Anonymous said...

La casa es preciosa, me gusta mucho la fachada. Ahora a disfrutar decorando. Tienes unas cosas preciosas en tu blog. Ya tienes una seguidora nueva. Un abrazo

Iris March said...

I love the Bostonian--You will do a wonderful things with it. Large houses always give so much opportunity! Too bad the windows come in pieces--its a shame to have to work on putting windows together -- much more fun doing room decoration.

Enjoy the house and Never give up!


Sandra said...

It's looking wonderful! This house is going to be a masterpiece. Sandie