Thursday, June 25, 2009


My husband came up with the idea for incorporating the wood bins into the table that the Church is on.

This was an awesome idea. Now I have room in the closet for my power and hand tools, AND my vacuum cleaner. :-)The ranch house has also been moved down stairs. This weekend the Bostonian will come down.The Harley, Camp Ground, and Dumpster Dives have been moved out to the Lobster Shack aka Studio Apartment. Today I did a couple more rooms of carpeting. I screwed up royally. I transferred the pattern to the wrong side of the carpet. I saved it by cutting and splicing. It does show, so I will have to make an area rug to hide the seam.I do have other places I could use the carpet, but since it might be months before I get to a mini shop, I decided to make the splice, and replace it at a later time.

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